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Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding sign up, technical problems, or help in general.

Hours: Monday - Friday
Time: 9:00 - 5:00 PM Central

Phone: 715.386.5089
Email: info@realestatehomepages.com


Here you will find questions that are often asked in regards to sign up on our platform. If you have a question that is not listed here please contact us.

• Basics

These are the things we need to get you on-board. Send an email message to us at info@realestatehomepages.com. In that email message, include your full name, phone number, email address, and what type of service you are looking for us to provide to you. Basic services are:

  • Broker websites

  • Agent websites

  • MLS Only -- this is where we provide you three frameable links to frame into your third-party website.

  • Domain branded email hosting -- We can provide you with email addresses at your domain only if we host your website. If you choose the MLS only option or no longer wish to have your site hosted with us, then we will no longer be able to host your email either.

  • • MLS Approval

    Make sure you are the broker or have your broker's permission to sign up. There is a formal approval process which the MLS requires us to complete before we can provide MLS data to you. We will initate this process from ourside once we have your complete sign up info. We will need your broker's info as well if you are an agent looking to sign up. We have to wait until we receive this approval before we complete the setup process on your website.

    • Have a Domain Name/Need a Domain Name?

    Have your domain name ready to use. If you do not have a domain name yet, please register a new one with one of the many domain registrars (a common registrar is GoDaddy, but choose whatever one fits your needs). We will need you to provide your login credentials if you wish for us to make the domain changes for you. If you wish to make these changes on your own, you need not to provide this info.

*Billing starts within 48 hours. Click here for a free trial.
All cancellation requests need to be sent via email to info@realestatehomepages.com.
Allow up to 10 days for the cancellation to be processed.

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