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Website Editor:

Below you will find frequently asked questions related to our website and features. If you are just looking to keep up with technology and real estate news, try some of these sites:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find questions that are often asked in regards to website features and setup. If you have a question that is not listed here please contact us.

Seminar Speakers

• Outlook Email Setup

Learn how to setup your webmail through Microsoft Outlook:

• Basic Email Setup Settings

Look here for the basic email setup settings. This can help when setting up your non-Outlook client, your phone or other mobile devices. Visit Basic Email Setup Settings

• Need a Domain?

Don't have your own domain name? Visit GoDaddy.com or other domain registrars to find a domain and pricing plan that best suites you. Once you have a domain name, contact us to have your real estate website point to it.

• Website Editor: HTML

By checking the HTML box in the web editor you are able to see and edit the actual code that makes up your webpage. This is an advanced option for people that are comfortable with coding and working only with text. A good source of reference for learning HTML and all its features is http://www.w3schools.com/.

• Website Editor: TABLES

Tables are a great way to organize information on your website. A table is formatted in columns and rows, with each intersection called a table cell. A table cell can hold a wide range of content and media, from plain text to images/design3 and videos. For more help on tables, click here.

Email Campaign Manager - Eclient Contact

Email marketing made easy. With E-Client Contact you will never lose touch with your clients again.