I Make Selling Homes Easy

I'll help you prepare, market, and sell your home. I do my best every day to help my clients succeed. I belong to the Southern Minnesota Multiple Listing Service which links with other MLS's around the state , thereby enabling your home to get more exposure!

Benefits To You

  • I'll go over the selling process with you.
  • Perform a comparative market analysis.
  • Help you determine the best possible selling price for your home.
  • Suggest ways you can make your home more "sellable" and appealing to buyers. 
  • Actively market your property to the public as well as to other agents.
  • Communicate often, giving you feedback after each time your house is shown. 
  • Present all offers, following through to the final closing day!

What Price Should You Ask For Your Home?

I know that you want to get the highest possible price. That's why I'll research the current market to see what the highest reasonable price will be. Here are a few hints on setting the right price:

1. Often, your home's value depends on recent selling prices of comparable homes in your area. After reviewing the selling prices for such homes, the price is adjusted according to current market trends.

2. Buyers typically look in a certain price range determined by their monthly ability and down payment. They are often very knowledgeable about all the homes in that price range.  Unreasonably-priced homes are an immediate turn-off.

3. If your asking price is outrageous, the buyer's offer will most likely also be unreasonable.

4. It's necessary to offer competitive pricing, terms, and conditions in your area. This will help you sell faster and get the full market value.

5. Homes that are priced right SELL FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY...it's a proven fact.


Home Selling Tips

 *Rent a storage unit and GET RID OF everything but the most essential items. Clearing out the clutter in each room is the single most important thing you can do to get top dollar for your home. It makes rooms look and feel larger, and it allows buyers to visualize their OWN things in your home.

 *Make your house shine!  SCRUB the bathroom, CLEAN the kitchen, WASH the windows, DUST off the cobwebs (even around and on top of your furnace and water heater).

 *REMOVE most of your FAMILY PHOTOS. It allows buyers the freedom to visualize moving THEIR FAMILY into your home. *CREATE A PLEASANT SCENT in your home. Smoke is probably the most powerful odor that turns buyers away from a home.  Even if you don't smoke, your house could probably use a little freshening. Baking bread right before a showing is great, but most of us don't have time!  Air fresheners are a nice substitute. (cinnamon is the best choice - flowery scents are NOT)

 *TURN ON ALL LIGHTS when your house is going to be shown. Open up drapes and curtains for natural light. In most instances, a lamp is better than an overhead room light. Creating a sense of "warmth" through lighting is very important. Remember: you're setting the stage for someone to fall in love with your home.

 *LEAVE THE HOUSE  before the realtor arrives.  Buyers are much more likely to REALLY explore the possibility of buying your home (looking in cupboards and closets, etc) if you aren't there.

*When realtors are done showing your home, they are supposed to leave a business card. Be sure to GET RID OF THESE CARDS after each showing. If there are a lot of business cards sitting on your table, buyers might get the feeling your home has been shown a lot and no one is interested.

* This can be a stressful process, so remember to take care of YOU.  We're a team, working to get the best posible price in the shortest amount of time!





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