We enjoy helping you prepare, market, and sell your home. We do our best every day to help our customers succeed. We offer multiple listing options, enabling you to choose the most economical way to sell your home. You can even participate in the selling process if you so desire.


  • We go over the selling process with you, without the technical jargon.
  • We perform a comparative market analysis.
  • We determine the list and target prices.
  • We market the property.
  • We keep communication with the client open.
  • We present the purchase agreement.


We know that you want to get the highest price possible. That's why we research the current market to see what the highest reasonable price is. Here are a few hints on setting the right price:

  • Often, your home's value depends on recent selling prices of comparable homes in your area. After reviewing the selling prices for such homes, the price is adjusted according to current market trends.
  • Buyers often look in the price range determined by their monthly ability and down payment.
  • Buyers are often very knowledgeable in their price range and often purchase by comparison. Unreasonable asking prices are an immediate turn-off.
  • Inviting a potential buyer to make an offer shows that you are willing to bargain. But if your asking price is outrageous, the buyer's offer will most likely also be unreasonable.
  • It's necessary to offer competitive pricing, terms, and conditions in your area. This will help you sell faster and get the full market value.

Put “THE MOE’S” &

WESTconsin Realty to work for you!


·       Team

Since there are 4 of us, Jim, Gina, Jeremy and Michelle, one of us is ALMOST ALWAYS available and will return calls in a very timely manner as our office phones forward straight to our cell phones.  If a buyer calls on your property they will either be able to talk directly to us or get a timely response.


·       Buyer Automatic Email Program

This is a program we provide to buyers.  As new properties get inputted in our MLS system they get emailed to prospective buyers immediately.  This is an advantage because all new listings are getting to the prospect before they ever get published in advertising media (newspapers, home magazines as well as some internet sites).


·       Internet

We believe the future of real estate sales is the internet and therefore we primarily advertise on the internet vs newspapers/home magazines

       Websites: www.jimmoe.com www.ginamoe.com www.jeremymoe.net

       Email: jim@jimmoe.com gina@ginamoe.com jeremy@jeremymoe.net

You can find all of our listings on many sites as well as your property may be on other sites such as other real estate company sites.


·       Nice Yard Sign on Property

Full size yard sign with mailbox on top stocked with brochures of your home.


·       Home Book

A Home Book is a book that we leave at your home with information about your home.  This way when an agent shows your home, they already have the information they need and are not wasting time trying to find answers.


·       Professional Contacts

We work with many professionals from home inspectors to water and sewer inspectors to painters to house siders etc.  If you are looking for a professional, give us a call rather than searching on your own!


·       NO Administrative Compliance Fee!

Administrative Compliance Fees, Broker Transaction Fees, Broker Transaction Commissions (each company uses a different phrase) are simply a way for brokers to offset the lower commission rates charged from previous years. Brokers must show a value or services provided for such fees. Beware of the broker who says, “Every company does it” or, “it’s common in this area.” At WESTconsin Realty, we believe the “no extra charges” approach is the best way to serve you in your real estate transactions. You will never be charged any fees besides the commission as stated in your listing contract with WESTconsin Realty.


·     4.8% commission on all Qualified Residential Homes

All qualified residential home sales commission is 4.8%. Ask us about our great commission rates on other property sales as well.


At WESTconsin Realty we strive to give the BEST possible service at the LOWEST possible commission with no additional fees.


WESTconsin Realty LLC  
121 E Meridian Dr 
PO Box 269
New Richmond, WI 54017

Jim Cell: 715-781-0387
Gina Cell: 651-491-0043
Jeremy Cell: 651-491-0245
Cassandra Cell: 715-409-0137

The materials contained within this page may not be reproduced without the express written consent of WESTconsin Realty. The information herein is believed to be accurate and timely, but no warranty as such is expressed or implied.

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