Looking for a New Home?
There's nothing we take more seriously than helping people find new homes they love. We have a simple and enjoyable "gourmet" home viewing system. Call (612) 868-7653 or email jim@geisingergroup.com. Here are some things to consider:
  • Your preferred price range
  • What style of home you want
  • What area(s) you want to look in
  • What extras you would like
  • 12 areas to watch when looking, to avoid making the wrong choice
  • Determine what you will qualify for
  • Your preferred down payment
  • Your preferred monthly payment
  • Which types of finance are best for you
  • How you can get a mortgage
Why Should I Be Prequalified for a Mortgage?
Buying a GOOD home in today's market is a competitive sport! When you find the "right" house there is a good chance other people like it too. In the Twin Cities market, most sellers will not even consider an offer unless they know you have the money. 

What Do I Need to Apply for a Mortgage?
Often, all you need to start is simple phone call. The mortgage people I work with will prequalify you most times in 10 minutes or less. They will ask you about your income, debts and work history.  They will get a credit report on-line and tell you right then how much you qualify for.  How easy is that?  AND, you can even call on nights and weekends!  As soon as you have the okay from the mortgage officer he will fax me a Pre-Approval letter and we can begin our search in earnest.  You will still be required to fill out a full application before the mortgage will be issued. 

 Phone: 612-868-7653
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