say no to TAXES on buyers and sellers
3/26/2009 7:15:51 PM

We have to let the Senate Democrates know we are tired of taxes on our Buyers and Sellers.  Please call your state senator and let them know we are tired of the taxes and to leave real estate alone!

WHEN: Friday, March 27

TIME: 12:30 pm

PLACE: Minnesota State Capitol: Room 15


On Friday, March 27th the Senate Committee on Health, Housing and Family Security is going to be

hearing SF1032 authored by Senator Cohen (DFL-St) that would increase the Deed Tax by 51%!

The new tax money is used to support additional rental assistance & affordable housing.

The new taxes do not decrease or reduce current expenditures—these are additional funds on top

of what is budgeted.

The new money goes to counties, cities, HRAs, EDAs, Neighborhood Land Trusts and American

Indian tribes

The new taxes are designed to help people with affordable housing - yet the bill says the funds can

go to people with incomes 115% of median - that’s $73,600! Does a family of four in the metro with

an income of $73,600 need housing assistance? How about a single making $51,500?

This is not for all metro families with incomes at or below $73,600, but only those that the counties,

cities, HRAs, EDAs, etc. decide should receive assistance!

This bill raises taxes on people buying/selling real estate and redistributes those dollars through

counties, cities, HRAs, EDAs, and Neighbor Land Trusts to people they think are deserving. This

means a person must buy or rent the property these entities support versus those your client thinks are

appropriate for their living arrangement.

We Need YOU to show up at the Capitol so Senators

understand that raising taxes on your client is poor public policy!

Invite your SELLERS / BUYERS to attend – let them know how the Senate is helping them!

We Need Senators to know that REALTORS OPPOSE SF1132!


Please send me your question you have about real estate and I will do everything I can to get you an answer and post it to my BLOG.

If you have a question please contact Rick Ketterling @ 952-210-7222